Japan faced the challenge of the United States and forced Mexico to win the Olympic baseball

Homeowners Japan and the United States beat South Korea and Mexico in the home runs on Saturday in baseball at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and next Monday they will determine their first secret semi-final match.

With Sadaharu Oh, the legendary King of Japan, present at Yokohama Stadium, Tetsuto Yamada and Hayato Sakamoto hit powerful blows for the home team to defeat Mexico 7×4 and move closer to Group A for first place.

Masato Morishita had a reliable start, covering five rounds, allowing five hits and a pair of touchdowns.

Sadaharu Oh, 81, reached 868 Homers in 2,831 games with the Yomiuri Giants between 1959 and 1980.

Japan topped their group with two victories, while the Dominican Republic took second (1-1) and Mexico in third (0-2). “I’m really happy to finish first… and win twice in a row,” Japan coach Atsunori Inaba told a news conference.

In the second hour, Triston Casas and Nick Allen, the two young Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics teams, led the United States’ 4×2 win over 2008 Beijing champions South Korea, the last time in that baseball game. in the Olympic programme.

Novice Nick Martinez gave five rounds, received four hits and a hairline. hit nine.

Thanks to Lauro, the US team finished first in Group B (2-0), ahead of South Korea (1-1) and Israel (0-2).

As group leaders, Japan and the United States will meet on Monday to advance directly to the semi-finals. The loser will still play in a multi-window playoff.

– The trio under pressure –

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With no margin for error, Mexico and Israel will play on Sunday starting at 12:00 local time (0300 GMT) in a bottom-up duel in which the loser is eliminated. The winner will have the right to continue clashes with the losers of other crosses to climb the lot, in a format with several spacers.

“The road to the medal pool, to the semi-finals and the final, is still within our reach. This path is obviously more complicated, because we no longer have room to lose the match. As the first or second you had the margins,” Mexican manager, Benji Gil.

Right-handed Mane Bareda will be the main Aztec pitcher.

South Korea will clash with the second game in Group A, the Dominican Republic, in the other game on Sunday, calling the ball play at 7:00 pm (10:00 GMT).


Japan – Mexico 7×4

USA – South Korea 4×2


Group A JG JP C CP Diff.

1- Japan 2 0 11 7 –

2. Delegate. Dominican Republic 1 1 4 4 1

3. Mexico 0 2 4 8 2

Group B JG JP C CP Diff.

1. USA 2 0 12 3 –

2- South Korea 1 1 8 9 1

3. Israel Zero 2 6 14 2

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