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World Rally Championship | Arctic Rally: Previa

The Finnish Arctic Rally, which is based in Rovaniemi, will be the second event to be recorded in the 2021 World Rally Championship. The cancellation of the Swedish Rally has allowed this rally to be held in the northern part of the country of the North, so as not to lose the usual snow event every year.

This calendar update led to this edition being held, No. 57, just one month after the 56th edition, and a record for the Finnish citizen. It is a rally with a lot of history, from the seventies to 2003 it was registered for the Egyptian Red Crescent, and out of curiosity, only two non-Finnish drivers, Thomas Radstrom and Danny Sordo, achieved victory.

On this occasion, the organizers prepared a compact itinerary of only ten divisions. Of course, the total mileage in the rally exceeded 250. The action will begin on Friday, with the disagreement over “Shakedown” and the first two stages. Saturday will be the hardest day, with six phases, ending Sunday with only one double phase.

As for the registrants, there are a few surprises. The only change in the official teams is the change of Craig Brin that will be from the match with Hyundai. Also with Hyundai, although this time in the 2C team it will be Pierre Louis Loubet and Oliver Solberg. This section of the news was completed by two separate Ford Fiesta WRC Lorenzo Bertelli and Janne Tuohino cars.

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In WRC2 some drivers have been added as well. There will be ten enrollees in this category, the superb candidates Andreas Mikkelsen, Adrian Formo, Nikolai Grizin, or Isabica Lappe, who will be with the Movisport Volkswagen Polo R5. Marco Polacia and Martin Prokop (who opened the Ford Fiesta 2 Rally) will be able to score well for their aspirations at the end of the season, given that Sean Johnston, Olly Christian Phoebe, George Linamay and above all, Jari Hattonen, will not score at that rally.

Lots of favorites in WRC3. Emil Lindholm, Eric Bitarenen, Joan Kristofferson, Egon Kaur and Gregor Gates will, in principle, be those who aspire to win, without forgetting other drivers such as Rakan Al Rashed or Michael Solowo. Three Spaniards, Carlos Del Barrio, accompany Fabrizio Zaldivar, and the team formed by Miguel Diaz and Diego Sangoan.

Registered list

Itinerary schedule (Local time, 2 hours less in Canary Islands)

Friday 26 (62.10 km)

Get away Vinivara (5.69 km), 08:31

SS1 Sarriojärvi 1 (31.05 km), 15:08

SS2 Sarriojärvi 2 (31.05 km), 18:38 h

Saturday 27 (144.04 km)

SS3 Mustalampi 1 (24.43 km), 09:08

SS4 Rider 1 (19.91 km), 10:38 h

SS5 Whitefish 1 (27.68 km), 12:08 h

SS6 Mustalampi 2 (24.43 km), 15:38 h

SS7 Kaihuavaara 2 (19.91 km), 17:08 hours

SS8 Whitefish 2 (27.68 km), 18:38 h

Domingo 28 (44.94 km)

SS9 Itagarvi 1 (22.47 km), 10:08 am

SS10 PS Aittajärvi 2 (22.47 km), 13:18

Total: 251.08 km

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