Robert Redford James’ son is dead, and fans are sending condolences

James Redford, son of actor Robert Redford, died Friday at his home in Marin County, California. He was 58 years old. The news shocked fans of the Redford business and fans of his father, too. Redford’s wife, Kyle Redford, said he died of liver bile duct cancer. The filmmaker of the documentary previously had a liver transplant in the early 1990s and the liver disease he had two years earlier has returned. The cancer was discovered in November 2019 and Redford was waiting for a liver transplant when he died.

Kyle announced the death of her husband on Twitter on Friday, along with a group of family photos. Kyle writes that his family is “grieving” by his death. Kyle wrote: “He lived a beautiful, touching life and was loved by many. He will be sorely missed.” “As his 32-year-old wife, I am so grateful for the two wonderful children who have nurtured them together. I don’t know what we would have done without them for the past two years.” Kyle and Redford are parents of two, Dylan and Lena.

Redford made his film debut as a screenwriter after earning a degree in Film and Creative Writing from the University of Colorado. Salt Lake Tribune. In the early 1990s, he was diagnosed with sclerosing colitis and cholangitis, an autoimmune disease of the liver. In 1993 he underwent a liver transplant. Kyle told the Tribune that their liver disease came back two years ago, and they moved to Arizona to wait for a replacement liver.

Despite the illness, Redford continued to produce documentaries. Kyle said he was finishing work Where the past begins, New PBS documentary about author Amy Tan. Redford has even actually promoted his latest movie, Playing for Holsters, which focuses on the health benefits of playtime for children and adults. Other recent Redford films include Happens: a clean energy revolution, Which provides a snapshot of the pioneers of renewable energy and resilience, and which focuses on the link between stress and addiction.

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In 2005, Redford joined his father Robert to found Redford Center In San Francisco. The nonprofit produces films and provides funding for filmmakers to produce films about environmental and climate issues.


β€œAs a filmmaker, writer, and activist, Jimmy has been intentional and inspiring. As a father, husband, brother, son, and friend to many – he has always been a loyal and hopeful supporter. He will be sorely and sorely missed,” Redford Center CEO Gail Tidman wrote in A. Facebook statement.


A fan wrote on the Redford Center Facebook page: “Condolences and prayers to everyone who loved Jimmy Redford – his kindness and spirit will be celebrated through his films, his films, his words and his life – in honor of his gift to all humanity.” Another wrote, “I’m so sorry for the Redford family. What a hero of nature and children. We will miss him so much and his business.”

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A fan wrote: β€œMy heartfelt condolences, sincere and prayers. I am truly sorry for your loss,” Redford Center Instagram page. Another added, “I am very sorry to hear the news of the death of James Redford .. I hope that he rest in peace .. I am sorry for his wife, children, father and mother as well.”


“Oh Kyle. I’m so sorry and sad to hear this. I send you, Dylan and Lena the love. Jimmy was such a special man. I feel lucky that our paths crossed,” actress Dana DelaneyWeeted in response to Kyle’s post. “We’re sorry to hear this, Kyle! My deepest condolences and love to you and your family. He had an incredibly touching life and changed the world forever,” the group Dyslexic Books feature.

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