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One of the more present forms on TV schedules in recent years is undoubtedly the culinary theme: it’s almost impossible to avoid getting caught in at least one of these broadcasts in any period of time, with many chefs becoming true celebrities on the small screen. Interest in this type of program is high and Netflix knows it well, considering that the first original documentary was Chef’s table (from authorAppreciate the documentary film Jiro and the art of sushiIts catalog has since been enriched with a plethora of docu series that delve into the most disparate aspects of the kitchen: from the proposals of discerning chefs to the discovery of the most distinctive street foods, from the traditions of some countries for the different uses of specific ingredients or for the use of particular cooking techniques.

As can be easily understood from the title, In search of the perfect fried food (Fresh, fried and crunchy) – new docu series Available on Netflix from June 9, 2021 For a total of eight episodes – is a journey through some American cities where the host is Daym Drops will decide the best frying pan Ate everywhere visited. It’s a simple idea that bases almost all of its success on Dime’s character, much more than the food on offer or the stories of the various restaurateurs involved. Given the aforementioned abundance of offerings dedicated to gastronomy, it is not easy to stand out in the midst of so much competition and search for the perfect fried food that does not escape this risk, which led us to consider yes Light and fun entertainment but also an indecisive product Or don’t forget. Before moving on to the review, we refer to the other June releases on Netflix.

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This is YouTube on Netflix

Daym Drops is a fan of cooking, especially fast food, and for about ten years has become a Youtube celebrity thanks to a video in which he reviewed the Five Guys burger. His success is due to the reactions he shows when he bites sandwiches, chips etc. They convey his love for food and his appreciation more than words. Starting with this video – which today has racked up ten million views – Daim began his career as a critic and presenter.

The last step in this regard is to make a series for Netflix: Eight episodes, eight cities and as many dishes as desired, but with one recipe in common fried food. The formula for each ring is almost identical. Daymon visits some local businesses, tries some of their fried specialties, and after a brief summary reveals his favorite dish, making him the winner on stage.


Therefore, during the trip we have the opportunity to learn about different local traditions, but also to attend less traditional dishes, which can make you go from making your mouth water to raising eyebrows more than you have. Every Flair features close-ups of Daym, who He eats with great pleasure and indulges in expressions of ecstasy And comments of appreciation as cooks watch in silence. The problem, if we want to put it in these terms, is that Daim’s character ends up overshadowing the rest. During the various visits, we do not talk in depth about the recipes, the history behind the bars or the food trucks, which often become a kind of city institution, places to go when you are looking for comfort in the form of food. There are some ideas for discovering gastronomic facts, cooking philosophies and dishes that we know so little about, but the pace is fast and we move from one taste to the next punctuated by short exchanges that fail to bring out either of the dishes or who prepares them. In general, we confine ourselves to a brief description of the ingredients, some hints for the preparation and propagation of spices based on secret formulas and “the love“.

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Daym has a strong and funny personality and is generally the series’ strength and weakness, because in addition to

Moments of tasting it, there is not much else that can impress. Thus, if you are looking for a cooking program without too many assumptions and which focuses too much on the host’s reactions, searching for the perfect stir-fry can guarantee you a few hours of quality entertainment and never get boring, but if you want something more in-depth. Or if you are looking for innovative software of this type, it is better to look elsewhere.

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