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The orange zone has three regions, from today a new color map

New color map of Italy as of Monday 10 May with mixed rules and measures for movements, bars and restaurants. The map shows almost all of the regions in the yellow zone, in the orange zone there is Sardinia, Sicily, and Valle d’Aosta while there is no region in the red. In fact, the new decrees to contain the spread of the coronavirus signed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, based on the data and signals of the control room on May 7, will go into effect today. The first decree classifies Val d’Aosta into the orange zone, the second renews the orange zone of Sicily and the third chapter in the yellow zone of Basilicata, Calabria and Puglia. In general, the division of regions and autonomous provinces in the different regions based on levels of risk starting from today is as follows: in the red zone there is no autonomous region and province, in the orange zone Valle d’Aosta, Sicily and Sardinia, in the yellow zone the rest of the country. The curfew lasts from 10 PM to 5 AM in all regions, regardless of color. RSA – Minister Esperanza has also signed the decree, in effect until July 30, 2021, which permits visits in complete safety in all RSAs and allows family members and visitors to visit all health and social health facilities in compliance with indications in the document ‘Ways of entry / exit for guests and visitors to the residential structures of the network Regional, which has been established with the regions and the Scientific-Technical Committee. One of the highlights is the green corridor: family members and visitors, at the time of arrival, must exclusively show people responsible for verifications (in accordance with provisions for personal data protection) a “ green Covid-19 ”. Certificates’ stipulated in the Decree-Law dated April 22. Kuprivoku – The political standoff focuses on curfews and other reopening operations. Pierpaolo Celeri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Dominica, said that changing the curfew from 22, most of Italy in the yellow zone, could take place in “7-10-15 days”. May proceed: this is not my decision, there has to be a scientific evaluation. The numbers can allow that in 7-10-15 days, when the benchmark was passed, we were in the middle of the third wave, ”Celery recalls. The Minister for Regional Affairs and Independence, Maristella Gelmini, interfered with the reopening in the wedding and sports sector.“ Many have written to me. Future spouses and wedding planners and I assure them: the government is working on that and depending on the direction of contagion, we will soon set a date for recovery because weddings need to be planned. The same goes for sports – Gilmini said – already this week there will be control rooms with the Counter-Terrorism Service to give dates to these sectors. ”He added:“ There is a health emergency – he added – but also the economic situation and the Sostegni 2 decree will soon arrive with 40 billion to support Affected groups. ” RT – Meanwhile, regions are asking for a review of parameters to decide on measures and restrictions to combat Covid. “ I think the first thing that needs to be overcome today is the Rt index, when there is a low rate of infection, the risk is that few infections will result in To the emergence of the Rt splash – confirmed by the President of the Conference of Regions and Friuli Venezia Giulia Fedriga – there is a technical table working to review the parameters and I trust this work. In my opinion, one indicator to take into account is the RT in the hospital, which is an indicator that can give a real signal and not A distorted vision. Female teachers must adapt to the current situation of the country. ”“ Beat RT? ”As a science technical committee, we have already expressed ourselves about this last month – said Fabio Siciliano, CTS Senior Secretary and now a member of the Technical Scientific Committee that she launched Daraj government J representative of the Civil Protection Department, in an interview with Adnkronos. We suggested calculating RT for admission into Covid wards and intensive care for two reasons: first because in this way the data will be more recent and collected more quickly and secondly because in this way the impact of the epidemic on regional health systems is less affected by the fluctuations caused by the number of positive swabs. The Rt index calculated in this way becomes more important as the number of citizens vaccinated increases, so we will have simultaneous recording of serious cases – Siciliano explained – at this moment, what matters to us is not so much the number of infections, which is clearly important, but in the summer projection, the goal It is emptying intensive care units and Covid departments to remain stable below the critical threshold. ”

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