“Defend the M5s with fake news!”

«It is enough to read the economic figures to understand that Italy can do without the United States more than China»: With this statement contained in today’s editorial in “Fatou Quotidiano”, director Marco Travalho Try to write “opposite” after today Diplomatic embarrassment Yesterday lived by Italy at the same time as the G7 in Cornwall. The facts, first of all: in the hours that was Prime Minister Mario Draghi in a one-on-one meeting with Joe Biden The controversial issue of China was brought to the plate, after the US pushed to further “isolate” Beijing by strengthening the EU-Washington axis, in Rome founder and guarantor of the M5s Pepe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte were supposed to meet with the Chinese ambassador.

Finally, the former prime minister walked out, leaving Grillo alone with the delegation of M5s and Chinese diplomats: sources close to Palazzo Chigi told the newspapers about Definitely an unwise choiceImplemented by the majority party, especially the same party that last year signed the agreement with Beijing new silk road (The only country in the Group of Seven to do so.) So the criticism of Grillo and Conte rained down immediately and intensely, leading to the journalist’s “response” at Fatou Quotidiano: “Draghi gives the line in his new role as world president,” harassing Travalho by attacking the current government. The same Conte in an interview with “Another Half Hour” on Rai3 knew”useful“provoked controversy”,This is not the first visit I was going to make (yesterday I could not accept this invitation…), it is not the first time I meet with ambassadors, it is normal for a leader to present his proposal to other countries, I will not be loaded with meaning at all”

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China, Traviglio and Count

The message is clear enough: M5s are under attack due to their proximity to China, While for Travalho, it would be necessary to consider him more fair to allying economically and politically with Beijing rather than the historical ally of NATO. The newspaper’s deputy editor-in-chief does not miss the quick press response Nicolas BoroughWithin her press review on social channelsLeek soup::«Indeed, Travalho has to defend his “friends” Grillo and Conte at the summit with the ambassador to China (who appears to have quarrelled, among other things, because the former prime minister did not appear at the last minute). So to say that Italy needs China more is sound false news.”. After the controversy and embarrassment on the Chinese front, my biker Today, at the closing press conference of the Group of Seven, he stated:With regard to China, the behavior of governments such as the G7 countries should be based on three principles. First you have to cooperate, then you have to compete. Nobody is arguing that China should be a big economy. What is questioned is the methods he uses, he is one Autocracy that does not abide by multilateral rulesقواعدDon’t share the same worldview that democracies haveAnd the third and final, the Prime Minister concludes, frankly: “I’ve said it on other occasions, we have to be upfront about the things we don’t share, Biden at one point said silence is complicity.

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