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Can one character in one place block a movie on their own? If you think it’s not possible, that means you haven’t seen it comet, an amazing Netflix movie that beats all contemporary movie standards by giving a beautiful cinematic lesson to everyone. Directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring an extraordinary Jake Gillenhaah who shows himself in one of the most underrated versions ever, ogre A true gem launched by Netflix last October. One of those fine films and it suffices to find this innovative and innovative device in the irresistible classic crime/thriller.

Most surprisingly, this movie continues with one character in front of the camera, Joe, an LAPD officer and one location, a 911 call center on the night shift. is the story? What about the other characters? They are useless, and would be superfluous because what matters is right there before our eyes and we can imagine the rest for ourselves. One phone call after another, we learn more and more about the hero of this intriguing story who has the ability to keep the tension so high every minute of the plot that we never lose sight of what’s going on. It will be one of 911’s many phone calls to turn Joe’s day and the film’s plot into a point of dragging the protagonist, with ourselves the spectators, on an introspective journey between conflicting feelings, crises of identity, and examinations of conscience. Which leaves us, at the end of watching, our hearts weary (but satisfied) from the wide range of feelings we experienced in the 90 minutes of the movie.

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Jake Gyllenhaal does an exceptional job, perhaps his best acting test showing all the weaknesses of a man who has made a mistake in his life and who he has to deal with in every day of his existence. A repentant man, human, with a good heart and a strong sense of honesty that will lead him to help others to try to help himself. A “wrecked” man reaches out to other “wrecked” people like himself in an attempt to rescue them and somehow save himself.

comet It is one of those films that you don’t expect, that you start watching a bit by chance, to fill the afternoon with a new story to follow and in the end, after you reach the last scene, you regret on the one hand of not having seen it before and on the other hand, we are grateful for the opportunity Which happened before our eyes in an endless list of titles, because losing it would have been an endless sin.

Rating: 9

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