Netflix releases the trailer for Ultraman Season 2

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Netflix e Tsuburaya They recently released the trailer for the second season of Ultraman, an animated adaptation of the streaming platform based on the popular Japanese franchise.

Netflix releases the trailer for Ultraman Season 2

on social channels Netflix Trailer for the second season of the anime Ultraman, a CGI adaptation distributed by the streaming platform.

Along with the trailer, a release date for Ultraman Season 2 has also been announced on Netflix, which will hit the platform on April 14, 2022. The press release was also released by Tsuburaya, the company that produced the animated series, and from official site by Ultraman. In the course of the video, which you can watch at the bottom of this article, other characters who will become part of the cast of the series and the cast also appear. Ultraamine; In the trailer also appears the original Ultraman, the protagonist of the series tokusatsu Japanese from the sixties.

In the course of 6 episodes of the new season, they will also join the dubbing crew Maya Sakamotowho have already voted Seeing EscaflowneAnd Oran High School Host Club There is no movie Rebuilding Evangelion, and will play a character Izumi, Girlfriend Kotaro Higashi, Also known as Ultraman Tarot. The rest of the actors will be watching as well Hideyuki Tanaka (hard lime metalAnd Saint Seiya), Ryohei Kimura (East Eden).

Netflix series based on the manga Ecchi Shimizu e Tomohiro Shimoguchi, in publication since 2011 (published in Italy by star comics e Available here on The story that the protagonist sees Shinjiro HayataThe original son of Ultraman Shin HayataIt is a direct sequel to the 1966 Japanese TV series. The anime was produced by IG production e digital arts onlyWhat they have already achieved together Ghost in Shell: Independent Complex and anime Blade RunnerAnd black lotus; Ultraman was recently re-launched by marvel With a regular series, while Hideaki Ano He made his own movie about the character, Shane UltramanIt is scheduled to be shown next summer in Japanese cinemas.

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