google va in down ancora una volta

because google browser It does not work? website ‘unemployedConfused users complain. Let’s find out more.

Over the past week, some Google users have started experiencing issues with the website. The problems started around 5:00 PM EST and continued throughout the evening.

Why is Google not working?

Google is said to have had problems in the past few weeks. Secondly bottom detector, 71% of users reported Problems with a websiteWhile 22% said that Search Engine era unemployed 7% reported Login problems.

thousand of complaints From UK and US users to the site termination platform. thanks for the #Googledown On Twitter, it is possible to find out how much harm is reported by users

Most of these get a file 404 error Refers to:

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Many other users have complained that the file Google Domains e Google News.

At the moment, they informed the company, the site was repaired.

Earlier this month, users encountered (again) Problems similar.

How can I check if it is not working?

On Android, there are simple steps you can follow to check If your app has a problem or is not working properly by checking the Play Store in your history.

Users can open a file Google Play Store, tap the application menu in the upper left corner, then select “My apps and games“.

apps with Updates are available.

If you see your disabled app in the list, tap on “refreshThen check again to see if the issue is resolved.

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So far, in November alone, Google experienced five problems or outages, followed by five in December.
Then last April, the damage you can read in our article “Google down, problems for a few hours” was exciting. The Google app also crashed around September 24th.


In a world more and more connection bifurcationEven in the face of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, such disruptions can lead to serious impact in everyday life. from the world work so from preachPasses throughentertainment.

Google became a part Basic of our lives. And the doubt, given the rumors circulating on social media, arises spontaneously: perhaps it is too fundamental?

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