Return to normalcy: 5,000 people attended a rock concert in Paris

“First of all, I love Indochina.” Sandra Terrain, 22, a cheerleader of the Parisian rock band, told Reuters, “It’s always good to go to a concert and we can help science with these exercises so it’s good for both parties.

The band has been playing for four decades. Critics usually classify it as the new wave and pop rock genre.

“We simply knew that at the time. The fact that we can see the people, the concert, the music, and everything that’s really nice,” said the party visitor.

Two groups of people were selected for the trial event. A group of 5,000 people were admitted to the concert after testing for coronavirus last week and again today.

Another 2,500 people served as a control group that stayed home. Members of both groups will be retested next week and trial results will be published at the end of June.

France is gradually ending restrictions related to the Coronavirus crisis. Six months later, for example, restaurants and cafes reopened in the country this month. However, it is not yet clear in what circumstances it will be possible to allow large concerts and other group events.

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