Psychologists explain what your cell phone use says about you

According to the study, women spend an average of 600 minutes a day on the mobile phone, and men 459. That time includes work tasks such as sending emails, but also browsing social networks and “scrolling.”

Did you know that using a phone can reveal a lot about your personality?

1. Check your phone often
According to the study, if you are constantly checking your phone and are addicted to it, it could mean that you are impulsive. People who are addicted to their cell phones are very likely to be more emotional than those who use it less.

2. Do not use it often
Research claims that people who use their phones often experience higher levels of stress. Stress, on the other hand, makes them less satisfied with their lives. On the contrary, if you use the phone less, it will reduce stress.

3. Use the phone for more than an hour
It can also be an indicator of depression. It was found that more frequent phone use was associated with a higher level of depression symptoms.

4. Use after midnight
The study found that people who frequently use their phones after midnight are more likely to fall asleep worse. And since lack of sleep greatly affects our moods, it can make us more stressed and anxious. People who have obligations and want rest stop using cell phones before midnight.

5. Wait for the phone to charge
This behavior, the research has shown, is a marker of an individual’s organizational tendencies. Conscientious people don’t like when their battery is empty, and for those who like to be regulated, the battery is always somewhere above 60%.

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6. Make and receive many calls
Research has shown that people who are more open tend to make more phone calls than others. As a result, extroverted people make and receive many calls (even at night) and use calling apps more often, the media reported.

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