Rembrandt vs. Jarrar – How the Soviet Union Sold Hermitage Paintings

The 1917 Revolution reflected the usual order in Russia, and the new Communist owners, the Communists, who had fought their opponents in the Civil War, began building the new Soviet state. Industrialization needed money that the Communists did not have, so it was decided to replenish the budget in a very simple way – to sell it for hundreds of years. Russian The artistic values ​​accumulated in the Empire. From 1928 to 1934, Russia’s pride, the Hermitage, suffered the most from this sale.

“Neither the state nor the nation is the master of this art. The well-known Russian journalist Nikolai Solodnikov, who described the incident as an unimaginable crime, confirmed the Youtube Eshonepozner, which was dedicated to selling the Hermitage painting collection.” When talking about the history of Russia in the twentieth century, We often stress the massive human tragedies associated with civil war, assembly and mass repression. But little is remembered about this story. But it is a real tragedy, and its magnitude is unimaginable. Solodnikov noted that there are no other similar examples in world history.

The State Hermitage Museum, from which the most valuable artworks were taken, is the Museum of Art and Culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world.

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