Red Notice, Netflix sta già pianificando i sequel to Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds e The Rock

Due to the great success of the Red Notice, we have talked about Netflix intends to produce a sequel to the movie starring Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and The Rock. Now, however, it looks like the streaming platform is gearing up to film even two together, with its lead stars back on board.

The formula for winning and the team does not change.

According to Deadline, in fact, not only would Netflix want to make another sequel to Red Notice, a heist movie with a stellar cast that captured subscribers on the platform, but it would also Turn them one by one in back-to-back format.

Obviously, streamer plans It will see the return of main characters Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Galdd Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, as well as the film’s director, screenwriter and producer Rawson Marshall Thurber, which is already writing the script for new films, and to begin filming as early as 2023, if star commitments permit.

There is currently no confirmation from Netflix, but it’s easy to think, as there appears to be a filePlans to create a franchise similar to Ocean’s Eleven. And just a few weeks ago, there was talk of Jason Statham and Tom Cruise as potential additions to the sequel…

future of red noticeIn short, it looks pretty cool. And who knows that soon it won’t get any more with some official announcements.

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