Rebel Wilson details a “mega-accident” during an impromptu photo shoot in Mexico


The “Pitch Perfect” actress recounts the incident at the beach when she and her friends wanted to take a picture during their Mexican vacation, in a new Instagram video.

Ice Showbiz – an actress Rebel Wilson She was beaten and bruised after being thrown by a large wave into a rock during an impromptu photo shoot on the beach.

The “pitch perfect“The star was enjoying her final day on vacation in Mexico on Friday 6 November when she and her friends headed out into the water to take some final photos.

However, things start to go awry when her friend Nicole drops her handbag and Rebel attempts to save it – only to get stuck in a wave and crash into a rock.

The hilarious Australian woman, who has been showcasing her skinny figure in recent weeks, has taken to the timeline of her Instagram story to detail the “colossal accident”, explaining, “We’re here in Mexico and we’ve been taking hot photos on the beach.”

“Unfortunately, while we were doing that, Nicole’s handbag was washed in the ocean. Her passport was inside, and she’s currently drying. Then I’m like, ‘I’ll get it! “Because we have to fly today. Then I was hit hard.”

The camera then moved to an ice pack she was carrying on her chest, as it showed other injuries to her leg.

“Basically, my left breast took most of the impact and would be very swollen and bruised,” Rebel said, “and I scraped my stomach when I hit the rock.”

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“So, you guys, when you take hot photos, just be careful because the waves can hit you,” she joked. “Be safe in the ocean …”.

“Don’t let your health and safety be ruined because my chest is really big and it will become very swollen afterward.”

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