Providing the European Union with information about Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian border

While tensions have steadily risen in Donbass in southeastern Ukraine in recent weeks, important news based on diplomatic sources has appeared in the German press.

According to German Süddeutsche Zeitung news, US officials have approached the EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy and a number of EU countries, claiming that Russia has increased its military presence around the Ukrainian border.

The reason for this is the stationing of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border and the consequent increase in the possibility of escalation. In the news that included statements, it was noted that the United States passed on information to its European allies about alleged transfers by Russian forces.

sputnikin According to the news. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said they continue to monitor the “extraordinary” actions of Russian soldiers near the Ukrainian border.

Kirby, “We continue to monitor and monitor Russia’s extraordinary military activities near Ukraine. We also continue to consult with our allies and partners on this matter,” he said. I used this phrase.

The US magazine Politico also recently covered the claim that Russia has amassed its military forces on the Ukrainian border.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Politico News Low quality fake news. Where does it deploy its military forces inside the country using the definition Russia’s own business record it.

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