Prince Charles regrets: Boris Johnson is fighting with an umbrella

Prince Charles shook
Boris Johnson fights with an umbrella

This umbrella can be tricky. Who does not know?! It’s just stupid if he goes to work for himself in the middle of a formal party, of all places. Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson must know this now. Even Prince Charles is laughing.

Heads of government also struggle with everyday problems – and if they are not so lucky in public. This is what happened to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Looks like a comedy, but it’s real: Boris Johnson at the opening ceremony of a memorial in honor of deceased police officers.

(Foto: picture alliance / empics)

At a police memorial service in Surrey, his umbrella initially refused to stay open. After opening it again, the canopy folded under a gust of wind, just as Johnson was about to present it to his Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Prince Charles, who sat alongside Johnson at the event, appeared to be quite amused by the chief politician’s awkward position. But even the Prime Minister himself can laugh at his parachute fight at the end.

“Tollbach” Johnson

Just like many Twitter users. Someone noted that this was not the first time Johnson had had problems with his umbrella and asked if the government could buy him a new one. Another user described the prime minister as a “clumsy” but added that such incidents would increase the politician’s popularity.

Although Johnson’s parachute fight seemed like a slapstick accessory, the party had a very serious occasion. Prince Charles inaugurated a twelve-meter-high memorial to the nearly 5,000 British policemen who have died in service since 1749. In his address, the heir to the throne paid tribute to the forces who “sacrificed their lives to ensure our safety”. He also expressed his condolences to the injured. The year 1749 is considered to be the birth of the “Bow Street Runners”, London’s first professional police force.

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