Police received Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

With the demonstration, which was declared a “mourning march marking the end of democracy”, the opposition party wanted to protest against the cabinet policy led by Edward Heger and, above all, to hold a referendum on early elections with nearly six hundred thousand signatures. They wanted to do this with a backed petition. Zuzana Caputova, the head of the Slovak state, decided not to call the referendum in the fall after the Constitutional Court declared the referendum issues incompatible with the constitution based on her petition, MTI writes.

A number of senior representatives of the directorate described the police production of the party leader as illegal as a step aimed at making the demonstration impossible, and some described it as “police terrorism.” A spokesman for the Bratislava police told the Slovak News Agency on the case that Robert Fico had been brought in at the request of a body competent in criminal proceedings.

Slovakia continues to suffer from a previously introduced state of emergency in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, in which the organization of mass movements is in principle prohibited. However, nothing has happened in recent months.

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