Panama justice rules again against ex-president Martinelli – Prence Latina

Guarantee Judge Elkes Martinez rejected the “holes case,” but the defense appealed this decision, based on a technician for the time elapsed since the case opened, challenging that justice excluded the extradition period. From the United States to Panama.

This ruling deemed the request “unacceptable” and this could send Martinelli back to the dock on June 22, when a retrial is scheduled, which the court had previously declared “not guilty,” a term for the first time on the Panamanian theater.

“The important thing here is that the judge was very academic, and in this sense he decided that the prescription requested by the defense is invalid,” the prosecutor in the case, Aurelio Vásquez, told the press. For oral hearing.

The response of the attorneys and the media center of the accused billionaire was a total rejection of the decision, with offensive references to judges and precedent positions of the judiciary, among other things, the technical element indicating the existence of an “indictment” without “counting”. When the file was tried in the High Court of Justice.

The entire administrative model of the criminal accusatory system is collapsing to attempt a trial of a person, regardless of other defenses, and the essential thing is that he has not been summoned to a hearing by the prosecutor to attribute this before the court. His lawyer, Carlos Carrillo, said: Collateral judge.

The case prompted the accused, a fugitive from Panamanian justice, to arrest and detain him in the United States until they hand him chained to Panama after a one-year operation, where he spent another 12 months in preventive prison. Detention due to leakage danger.

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At least 11 other criminal cases involving the former president as the alleged perpetrator, including the bribery case from construction firm Odebrecht that was summoned to judges along with fifty defendants, according to the recently disclosed.

Martinelli and his “Army of Lawyers” (a dozen) argue that, along with these other cases, they are violating the principle of “specialization,” which states that he cannot be tried for another crime prior to the one that caused the extradition; But the US authorities have waived this right, and it is the authority that is compatible with the exporting country.

Popular irony on social media expresses that after appearing in front of the media with great enthusiasm, even in ceremonial activities, with the possibility of a trial approaching, “multiple serious diseases” will appear for the accused who previously used this trick to delay the process. And find the recipe at the right time.

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