Elon Musk launched tunnels near Las Vegas, where Tesla had already accelerated to 185 km / h

This week, Elon Musk’s Boring Company began testing underground LVCC Loop tunnels under the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Many videos and photos appeared on the web of people who were already driving through the tunnel. More precisely, we are talking about two tunnels in one direction with a length of 1.2 km.

The tunnels are located at a depth of about 10 meters. Several dozen Tesla cars were used for the tests, including the Model 3, as well as the Model Y and Model X. The Boring Company said the tunnels go from a 45-minute walk to a two-minute walk.

In one of the test races, a speed record of 185 km / h was set. At the time of the official launch, the speed will be limited at around 240 km / h.

The company says it will eventually transport 4,400 people an hour through LVCC Loop tunnels, though some believe it will eventually transport just 1,200 people an hour. The Boring Company wants to build a huge tunnel system that would run under the entire city, with a capacity of 50,000 people per hour.

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