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In Tokyo, Japan, some decisions were made for the 2021 Olympics on Tuesday night. An overview of the medals.

  • Olympia 2021: Some decisions were made on the night of Tuesday, July 27 in Tokyo.
  • Triple player Laura Lindemann missed a medal in Japan after occasionally finishing second.
  • Olympic medals overview early Tuesday morning.

MUNICH / TOKYO – You are the target of the elite sports assembled in Tokyo: the medals at the 2021 Olympics. Athletes have been preparing for this landmark event for months, sometimes with many years of anticipation. After all, for many sports, this means publicly emerging from the shadow of “royal football”.

Swimmers and triathletes took this opportunity on Tuesday night, July 27 CET. To put it in perspective: in Japan, which is seven hours ahead of Germany, competitions were held in the morning, noon, and sometimes early morning (triathlon). Mercur.de Summing up the decisions and medals at the 2021 Olympics at night from Monday to Tuesday (CET):

Olympia 2021: Medals of the Night – Triple Laura Lindemann misses the podium

Triathlon women: The competition at Odaiba Marine Park started late due to heavy rain and strong winds. Specifically: the start was delayed by 15 minutes. W: Compared to the previous hot day of up to 29 degrees in the morning, it was relatively fresh. From a German point of view, the competition has been exciting for a long time.

Because: Laura Lindemann has managed to establish herself in a group of top five this Olympic Tuesday (July 27) after switching from swimming to cycling. More: When switching from bike to running shoe, the Potsdam native came in second for a short while. But: on the 10-kilometre course, the 25-year-old gradually retreated. In fourth place, she was overtaken by Britain’s Georgia Taylor Brown. Taylor Brown came second behind two-time world champion Flora Duffy, who ran confidently at the finish in a single race. On the other hand, Lindemann was surpassed by other contenders in the last round – and at the eighth finish in Tokyo.

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gold Flora Duffy (Bermuda)
silver Georgia Taylor Brown (Grospretanin)
Bronze Katie Zaferis (USA)

Video: Cedres Tassiades proud of Olympic bronze – ‘The coronation is mine’

Shooting – 10m pneumatic mixed team pistol: It was China’s next gold medal at those Olympics. The German duo of European champions Karina Wimmer (Kelheim Gmund) and bowler Christian Ritz (Regensburg) apparently missed a medal in Tokyo.

gold Jiang Rankin / Pang Wei (China)
silver Yetalina Bazarashkina / Artem Chernoso (Republic of China)
Bronze Olina Kostoich / Oleg Omelchuk (Ukraine)

Swimming – men’s 200m freestyle: The first final was on Tuesday at the Tokyo Aquatics Center. As usual at the Summer Games, the swimming courts are also relatively early in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. It was an exciting swimming competition. In the end, fellow Britons Tom Dean and Duncan Scott were inches away. The self-confident Brazilian Fernando Scheffer also climbed to the podium.

gold Tom Dean (Great Britain)
silver Duncan Scott (Great Britain)
Bronze Fernando Scheffer (Brazil)

Olympia 2021: Medals of the Night – USA, UK and Russia dominate in swimming

Swimming – 100m women’s back: Kaylee McKeown swam in a great race — and just streamed into the cameras after her Olympic victory. The Germans could not win in this discipline either.

gold Kylie McKeon (Australia)
silver Kylie Maas (Canada)
Bronze Reagan Smith (USA)

Swimming – men’s 100m back: It was a very fast final in Tokyo – and a duel between the Russians and the Americans. Ryan Murphy had to concede defeat to both Russians in a tight final race – then clearly served in the pool despite the bronze medal.

Swimming – 100m breast: 17-year-old Lydia Jacobi from USA won an exciting gold in the 100m breaststroke at the 2021 Olympics. It took her 1:04.95 minutes for the distance. Bronze medalist for teammate Lily King capped off a strong streak once again for the United States in the swimming competition.

gold Lydia Jacoby (USA)
silver Tatiana Schoenmaker (South Africa)
Bronze Lily King (USA)


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