Presence and security in public places

For more than 25 years, the volunteer staff of the Wrzburger Security Guard has been on the road to serving the citizen across the city. The Wrzburg City Police Department has now managed to significantly enhance the security guards in Wrzburg. This means that more public presence will be possible in the future, according to a police press release.

By training new committed citizens, the Wrzburg Security Guard has now grown to 23 members. After a careful selection process, a total of nine men and women are now trained in Wrzburg and four in Kitzingen in cooperation with the Kitzingen Police Station. For seven weeks, the volunteers went to school with the police and thoroughly prepared for their future work.

On Saturday, all participants were able to receive their equipment and identification cards after successfully completing their training.

A total of eight women and 15 men from Wrzburger Sicherheitswacht between the ages of 24 and 68 consisted of a variety of occupational groups. However, they are united by a common interest in volunteering for the interests of the population and in public spaces to contribute to a greater sense of security in citizenship.

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