‘We need a break, please’: Hope’s year ends in a conciliatory fashion | free press


Max Hope formed both hands into fists and blew hard. “We need a break, please,” the 25-year-old professional darts player said as a co-commentator on live streaming service DAZN when he was pulled over from another sporting low point.

After England’s Mervyn King’s 4:3 success over Raymond Smith of Australia in 64th place, Hope has just retained his Tour card and thus could also compete in several important PDC World Championships next year.

Maximizer, as Hope is called, had a bad year for darts and missed a World Cup ticket at Alexandra Palace in London. Hess, who had often appeared self-confident in the past, was self-critical. “I would say this is the worst season of my career. “From the results and from the style of play,” said Hopp of the German news agency dpa. In the final stage, he will now accompany the tournament as expert and co-commentator.

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