“Nyiragongo volcano took everything from me.”

The ordeal in Goma

Residents of Goma and its environs are still suffering from trauma after the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano on Sunday evening. This Saturday May 22nd. This trauma is explained by Human and material damage Because of this natural disaster. On Monday, the lava was not present. But frequent earthquakes shook this city and its surroundings. A situation that increases the shock of the residents of this city after the eruption of the volcano. AFRIK.COM He went to meet some of the victims of this natural disaster.

Hand on cheek, hawk look, Kambale seems to have lost all hope after Nyiragongo volcano’s eruption on Sunday. He lives in the village of Bohini, in Nyiragongo Province, a man who cannot contain his tears in the face of the damage to his home caused by the lava. “Nyiragongo volcano cost me everything. My house was completely destroyed by the burning lava from the mountain.” A father of three, the 45-year-old still has a new memory: “It all started in the evening, around 7:00 PM (local time), when the red lights started escaping from the crater and the smell of sulfur began to appear.” It is widespread in the city of Goma, “he said bitterly.

In the village of Bohini, it was reported that many homes had been destroyed by the lava. The report found immediately shows that some of the lava turned into rocks was engulfed by lava and others were calcified by lava fires. The smell of smoke from the cold lava is still felt in this area. “All the houses are on fire,” says Ambabunga, who did not survive the natural disaster. For her, “nothing is wasted.” Her five daughters, like her, fled their home to Rwanda on Saturday night and returned Sunday morning. In the face of disaster, M’babunga shows its resilience.

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“The Earth never stops shaking”

After the eruption of Nyiragongo Volcano, the city of Goma was shaken by repeated earthquakes. The frequency of these tremors increased on Monday. A situation that slowed down the activities at the site. Naseemir Sylvie, a resident of Nduchu, west of Goma, does not hide her anxiety. “Since the eruption of the volcano, we have been hit by earthquakes (…) and the earth is constantly shaking,” she said.

A call to caution

In the morning, the Goma Volcanic Observatory (OVG) conducted an inventory after a reconnaissance flight with the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Congo (MONUSCO). This structure that is supposed to follow the volcanic situation has called on residents to be extra careful during this troubling period.

Meanwhile, while awaiting the official report, several sources spoke about the material and human damage caused by these frequent earthquakes in this city. A situation that could further shock the population.

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