Normal life tests, the roadmap towards transgressing the limits and the green corridor

Normal life tests, the roadmap towards transgressing the limits and the green corridor

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The countdown to the gradual easing of restrictions on Covid begins: here are the dates to watch, as well as for the gaming sector.

A “natural” approach in small steps.

While in some parts of the world the Covid pandemic is no longer a “socially dangerous disease” And measures related to the compulsory mask and green corridor – from Denmark to the Netherlands, to the UK – have been eased or rescinded. In Italy, the government emphasizes the line of wisdom and gradualismAlong with the decrease in injuries and the number of hospitalizations in intensive care.

open the door for Gradual easing of restrictive measures in place from March 31the date on which the state of emergency ends (subject of the decree Permanently approved in the lower house at these hours), stopping to stick to the green pass first and foremost for outdoor activities and then for those indoors, again with some gradation.

So start with bars, restaurants or outdoor sports. As has already happened at the time of post-lockdown reopening, the last locations on the list to be able to overcome the need for a green certificate of access must be locations deemed “at risk of infection” such as discos, swimming pools and gyms, depending on what happens some rumors. Point out that by connecting ideas, looking at previous ideas, it can also relate to gaming activities.

For other types of business, or basic services such as banks and post offices, on the other hand, one can intervene even earlier, but at the moment there are no guarantees. In fact, it looks like the green lane won’t go to the attic until June 15bearing in mind that until then, the vaccination obligation for workers over 50, which came into force three days ago, is also still in effect.

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Fortunately, they arrived Natural promises from other fronts. With the approval of the decree extending the state of emergency until March 31 and imposing a commitment to a reinforced green corridor to access key activities, the approval to hold folk festivals in the white area has also arrived, “essential” certification for transport to and from Sicily and Sardinia. but also Returning from March 10 to “eat and drink even in theaters, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues and live music.”in other similar places and in all places where sporting events and competitions are held”, or to visit family members who are hospitalized for 45 minutes a day.

Not forgetting the Italians’ passion for football and sports, which often prevails over everything, there is an action that all the others expect: From February 20 (instead of March 1 originally planned) Stadium and auditorium capacity can be increased – by up to 75 and 60 percent – in a row, soon to reach 100 percent, according to the broadcast by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Sports Valentina Vezzali.

Ads that do not comfort Federation President Gabriel Gravina, who pushes to reach maximum capacity immediately, without intermediate stages.

Many district governors are also pressing to shorten the time to get back to normal. Having requested, at the end of January, that the rules be simplified in order to “look ahead and move forward quickly towards the normalization of the situation that will allow for a more orderly recovery and relaunch of our country” – As stated by the President of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano FedrigaMany of them now hope to rescind the Green Corridor commitment and to reopen all activities, without restrictions, at the end of the emergency, “data allows, but go ahead with vaccinations and extend contracts to strengthen the health system,” as Fedriga outlined.

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And the words of Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa on this matter were recorded: “The epidemic data tells us that we are in a positive phase, but the virus is still there and we must make one last effort to get the country out of this situation, and the introduction of the vaccination commitment of more than 50 years is going in that direction.” Cancellation of the green corridor after March 31 or the end of the state of emergency? For Costa, it can be considered a “possible scenario: we have to complete the administration of the third doses but at this pace we could have finished by March, and therefore we can open a scenario with less restrictive measures”.

We really hope that will be the case too.

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