Space Force – Season 2 review of the Netflix series

Space Force 2 is progressing further than the first season, and while it still doesn’t conquer, it’s convincing

Seven new episodes for space forceThe sci-fi comedy series he created Greg Daniels And the Steve Carell, who sees the latter (obviously) as the protagonist. Episodes revolve around the events of al-Qaeda members space force, specially; A section of the United States Army dedicated to exotic experiments involving space exploration and the like.

While it was an innovative product US office And the hero of the historical sit-in, this is the new one space force It relies little on protest comedy. On the contrary, classic comedic situations, from elusive to nonsense, are organized with just a touch of black comedy. Formula, however, in season one, wasn’t entirely convinced.

However, in the second, the series takes a good step forward. We still don’t find ourselves in front of a revolutionary product, and it probably won’t happen; But with the second season space force Converge the classes into a core core of characters, explore them and make them grow. Among them is the protagonist, General Mark Nerd (Caryl)and a crew that also includes an always great group John Malkovich.

Good intuition: to leave more room a Touching and realistic moments of maturityAt the same time, the bonds between the characters are intensified, thus refusing to mock the desk and other contemporary comedies. Paradoxically, this appears to be the series’ most compelling feature, beyond the somewhat successful gags and somewhat surreal situations.

Of course, this is not enough to form space force More than just a little higher than other sitcoms today. It can not be said that the rings shine for the sake of originality. and removed from the cast, in addition to Karyl and Malkovichalso Ben Schwartz and Jimmy YangOf course, the whole process will fail. On the other hand, the dear old woman’s contribution is unnecessary Lisa Kudrowhere is limited to two representations.

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In short, space force “Can but not abide.” Conditions are met for a good product, light and high-quality seating position to enjoy the evening. What is lacking are some writing ideas, which are hard to find in a field now saturated and which for years has not betrayed unpredictability social communication Or the comic depth of one Brooklyn 99. We’ll see what happens in the future.

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