News of the second season of Netflix and Ciri

Lauren S. Hisrich, Anya Schultra, and Freya Allen tell Ciri in The Witcher

Characteristic She is without a doubt one of the most amazing characters in the world the magicianAlso, the protagonist of the series Netflix based on novels. In this regard, the actress, who lent her the features of the little Sintra lioness, intervened, Freya Allen, along with the renderer Lauren S. Hisrich and advertising Anya ShulatraYennefer translator. Reporting the allegations was Megan O’Keefe, editor of The Decider.

Allen, during a recent session, focused on the change of Ciri that occurred between the two seasons of the show. He also referred to the relationship between the steadfast couple he formed on screen and in real life with him Henry Cavill, The Geralt From the TV series. In addition, he also told how much he struggled to become proficient in the use of spade spadeThis is to improve the performance of the viewer on the screen.

On Ciri’s character, the model instead emphasized her regret. Speaking of the story in which the young woman participated in the first season of the show, I understood how some of the spectators did not like the progression of the plot, especially in terms of time management. In the new season, the trend promises to be more linear.

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Netflix viewer regrets: Ciri shouldn’t run away too much in Season 1 of The Witcher

Anya Shulatra also had her say on the character of the young woman, confirming how the two are set to meet in season two. Yennefer will be even more heroine in the new season and the plots will deepen her character and the relationship she has with the people around her.

Finally, the viewer once again said something about the change we will see in Ciri. The young woman will not run away anymore as in the first season, which is a great regret for the screenwriter. On the contrary, the lioness “He will plant his feet and fight.”

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