Grid laughs at a broken piece of chalk cliff in Dover SWR3

Much of Dover’s famous chalk cliffs have fallen into the sea. The Internet community sees this as the symbolic position of the United Kingdom.

Great Britain is falling apart – this is how the network mocks the natural event that pedestrians captured on photos and videos.

Because he is a celebrity White Cliffs off Dover In England, which is easily identifiable when arriving by ferry, a large part of the noise fell into the English Channel with a lot of noise.

Much of the White Cliffs of Dover collapsed this afternoon. This stills was filmed in Samvir Ho.

sarcastic reactions to demolishing the chalk cliff

In social networks, users sarcastically asserted that the scene was a symbol of the situation in the UK.

“What a sense of humour, irony and timing nature has: Famous Brexit cliffs are in sea ice,” one wrote on Twitter. Another user asks if it is [der abgebrochene Brocken] Trying to get to safety in France?

adamclarkitv @bakerstherald is a country-appropriate metaphor.

MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen…

adamclarkitvbakerstherald if there was a perfect avatar for this country right now. #ToriesOut #BorisResign

adamclarkitvSpeakingSatan Trying to reach safety in France?

adamclarkitv @bakerstherald What a sense of humor, irony and timing in nature: the famous cliffs of Britain’s Brexit are collapsing into a sea of ​​ice.

Causes of the collapse of chalk slopes often

The soft composition of chalk is particularly susceptible to abrasion. The force of the waves crashing into the rocks, as well as storms and torrential rains, also enhance such a natural event. This is why parts keep falling into the sea.

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Compared to the past 20 years: Broken was big

According to the researchers, the cliffs eroded at a rate ten times faster in the past 150 years than in the previous seven thousand years. According to the information received from the portal Kent Live But this was only the third time in the past 20 years that such a large chunk has come apart.

The chalk cliffs near Dover are cut off (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, Alliance/Empires photo | Gareth Fuller)

Much of the famous White Cliffs near Dover fell into the English Channel.

Alliance Image / Impex | Gareth Fuller

The chalk cliffs of Rügen are interrupted

Pieces of chalk cliffs on the Baltic island of Rügen also break from time to time. In February 2005, the main ramparts of the Wissower Klinken plunged into the sea with about 50,000 cubic meters of chalk. In 2011, a girl from Brandenburg was killed in an abortion.

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