New Zealand meets workers at airports near Covid and recently opened a “travel bubble” with Australians.

New Zealand – April 20 BBC Workers reported that New Zealand is Auckland International Airport. COVID-19 tested positive just one day after New Zealand just opened a flight or travel bubble with Australia. On Monday, April 19.

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For the first time, thousands of passengers from both countries traveled between them without further detention. After nearly 400 days of border closure, the affected worker appears to have nothing to do with the travel bubble, and the New Zealand-Australia journey has not been suspended.

New Zealand Prime Minister Garcinda Ardern said that the injured had cleaned up many aircraft coming from countries at high risk. Who has already received two vaccinations which, although not able to completely eliminate the risk of infection, but those who are positive will not get sick and will not die.

“I’m still not talking to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison,” Ms. Ardern said. But the infection is not expected to affect tourism management between the two countries.

“When we open both sides of the country we know for sure that people connected to our borders will continue to be infected. We accept that it be part of the walk together. I think Australia will accept that.”

This is part of the approach of the New Zealand government. If someone is injured from an unknown source, the travel bubble will be paused. But if there are multiple people infected from an unknown source it will close the affected area and the bubble will be stuck

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New Zealand and Australia have both halted and rated the COVID-19 outbreak with strict border controls and rapid closings until the infection rate drops and as a result, Australia has recorded 910 deaths and New Zealand 26.

Both countries closed their borders in March. It is holding citizens who have returned to their homeland since October of the same year. Several Australian states allow travelers from New Zealand to enter the country without detention. But New Zealand has not let in the same for concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak. Choppy in Australia

However, for travel under the travel bubble rules, travelers must stay in another country for 14 days before returning to their country. Without waiting for the COVID-19 test results and waiting for any symptoms to appear

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