New Breaking Bad coming?

distance Better Call Saul, A spin-off dedicated to attorney Saul Goodman’s character, there could be a new series on the horizon entirely dedicated to a initially well-known character in Too bad.

During an interview with Respected, the actor Giancarlo Esposito He said he had an idea ready to bring his character, a very bad character, to the small screen Gustavo Fring, Head of a criminal organization selling methamphetamine.

So Giancarlo Esposito on this hypothetical series:

“I have the whole story in my head as he comes from the highest political circles. I feel that Goss came from the realm of the system. And he had achieved results. He was a military man. He gained power from the army. You cannot command if you cannot follow orders. In my head, he was … High-ranking in the military hierarchy. He could stay there and lead the nation. He had this opportunity. But he chose a different path to be the man he wanted to be and find his strength regardless of what was given to him. That’s what he chose. “

From what we learned in it Too bad Fring emigrated from Chile, where he fled the Pinochet dictatorship in the late 1980s. In the United States, his criminal activity began by opposing the Mexican Juarez gang. However, no further details have been provided about his rise to power, hence the idea of ​​Esposito (as well as the default title) Gus Rise).

At the moment, it’s Vince Gilligan, the creator of the whole universe Too badThere was no comment on the matter, and nothing official was announced until near the end of the series Better Call Saul He may open up to new and interesting scenarios …

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