Avari yard and European stock exchanges are ready for new rallies with rallies over the past 30 years of the Nikkei

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Major European exchanges (including Piazza Affari) are preparing to start one of the last sessions of 2020 in positive territory, after Wall Street’s performance closed, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange reached its highest in the past 30 years (Nikkei at + 2.66%). Hopes for an economic recovery were encouraged following the ratification of the US economic stimulus plan to counter the effects of the epidemic on the surge in global indices. Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives yesterday gave the green light (with 275 votes, 134 against) for outgoing President Donald Trump’s proposal to increase from $ 600 to $ 2,000 to grant direct aid to Americans. Now the measure will pass to the Republican majority Senate. In a day without major macroeconomic indicators, workers will continue to monitor the development of the epidemic and the indicators coming from the front of the vaccine after the start of the vaccination plan in Europe in recent days.

In a more relaxed climate, oil is also rising, with WTI rallying this morning and heading towards the $ 48 per barrel region, while Brent crude advances above the $ 51 threshold. And finally for Italy under the lens, the latest release for 2020 from the Treasury. These are six-month BOTs for 6.5 billion euros.

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