Netflix, Two Cult Series Leaving the Stage in US: Here Are the Titles!

Although they were both major titles in the rich library of Netflix USA For the past few years, the two popular TV series will leave the platform on Wednesday 30 June. These are the first two seasons of Twin Peaks, a cult series written by David Lynch and At the Edge of Reality, a TV science fiction classic.

One of the explanations for this farewell is quite clear. Twin Peaks and At the Edge of Reality are shows that come from ViacomCBS, Which means they will likely be Paramount + Exclusive in the near future.
The two series aren’t the only US Netflix titles to be released in the near future. The same fate for movies like Back to the Future, The 3 of Operation Dragon, Millennium – Men Who Hate Women, and Training Day.

Twin Peaks is a special case because the first two seasons, produced by CBS in the early 1990s, are currently split for US broadcasts on Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount +.
Edge of Reality is available for all five seasons on Paramount + And when it leaves Netflix, it will only be available in America on that platform.
Paramount + is also the only platform in the United States where Jordan Peele’s revival is available for the Twilight Zone.
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