Hump, the first hydrogen innovation center – birth of the economy

(ANSA) – Milan, May 26 – SANAM announced the launch of the Hydrogen Innovation Center, the first national center of excellence in hydrogen technologies that aims to bring together industrial partners and university research centers to accelerate sector development and contribute to achievement. From national and European climate targets.

The first headquarters of the Hydrogen Innovation Center will open in Modena, as part of a cooperation agreement between SANAM, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE). The Emily Center will later be joined by other centers in the country, including one with Politecnico di Milano; An overseas center is also planned by the end of 2021, in cooperation with a reputable university in the United States. The Hump Hydrogen Innovation Center will continue the already existing collaboration with hydrogen research centers, including the one that started with Enea in relation to the hydrogen valley in Casaccia (Rome). Research and experimentation activities will span the entire hydrogen supply chain, from production technologies to transportation and storage infrastructure to end uses, such as industrial (steel) applications and transportation (fuel cell cars and trucks, ships and trains).

“The mission of the Hydrogen Innovation Center is to build a strategic alliance between companies and the research world to unify the Italian hydrogen supply chain and encourage the birth of new companies and projects, and also by launching an acceleration program,” says Cosma Banzaki, Executive Vice President of Hydrogen in Sanam. (handle).

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