Netflix, stop sharing your password: We will probably no longer be able to watch movies with distant friends and relatives

For now, this is only a test and only with a small number of users but the message seems clear: Netflix intends to ban the practice of password sharing with friends and relatives who do not live with us, which has been abandoned for some time.

“If you do not live with the owner of this account, you must use your account to continue watching.”. So it is no longer a warm welcome but an alert message upon opening. Users then receive a verification code on the e-mail address or phone number associated with the subscriber, with a request to enter the exact code on the screen to continue using the service.

All this at the moment seems just a test, on the side of a few founders, but it is rather an indication of a change of course. In 2016 CEO He said Publicly, sharing with those who do not live under the same roof is permitted. But after 5 years, perhaps thanks to the widespread practice of this practice, the Colossus is rethinking it. Lots of lost revenue.

However, Netflix has already “defended itself”.

“This test is designed to ensure that people using Netflix accounts are allowed to do so,” a spokesperson for the giant told ABC News.

Indeed, as a measure of verification and blocking, it seems quite possible to restrict it: just give the code to a friend or relative who wants to use our account.

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But how long will it last?

Reference Sources: Twitter / ABC News

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