Ethiopia: Government rejects US accusations of ethnic cleansing in Tigray, “unfounded judgment”

Addis Ababa, March 13 15:44 – (Nova Agency) The Ethiopian government officially rejected the accusations of “ethnic cleansing” that were directed at it internationally, in particular by the US authorities. In a statement published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Addis Ababa government said that it is “fully aware of its obligations under international humanitarian law and human rights” and states that it is precisely for this reason that it “has undertaken law enforcement operations in the region. “. In the memo, the ministry affirmed that the allegations of “ethnic cleansing” made by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken against Ethiopia during his testimony before the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee on March 10, 2021, are a totally baseless judgment. “Nothing, during or after the end of the main law enforcement operation in Tigray, can be defined or defined by any standard as targeted and deliberate ethnic cleansing of anyone in the area. That is why the Ethiopian government strongly opposes such accusations,” reads the memo. (Continues) (com)

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