Netflix, play something: here comes the function that selects the movie to watch

For eternity the reluctant who are lost in limbo Choose a movie a From the TV series to watchAnd the Netflix He pulls the real ace from his sleeve. The broadcasting giant, which recently shut down the first quarter of the year with further growth in subscribers, has launched a group New feature That would solve the old question that had gripped his fans for so long: ThanksPlay somethingThis is the name of the new command, a user will find themselves immersed in a movie, documentary or TV series almost without realizing it, because Netflix itself will have to reproduce it. Random content, But was chosen by Allocation algorithms The platform is among the many data that is updated daily and reflects Tastes And the Tendencies Of every person.

If choosing Netflix does not satisfy the user, clicking the button again activates the function.Play something elseThis could be a new movie or TV series, a program on your list, content that you are already watching or not yet finished, or a movie that we might want to review.

The “Play Something” function, which has been tested with different names and features for some time, is now accessible only on Netflix for smart TVs (it should arrive soon on mobile as well) and is located under the profile name, on the 10th line on the platform’s homepage or In the navigation menu on the left of the screen.

It’s definitely not just an antidote to indecision, but it’s one Strategic move By which the company aims to keep the user for the maximum amount of time in the loop of its ecosystem.

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