Chance for a new transatlantic season. The Guerini and Varricchio line

With Lorenzo Guerrini and Armando Varecchio, the webinar was organized by AmCham Italy in conjunction with Comin & Partners to present the “Transatlantic Scenarios” research. Here are the opportunities to re-launch relations between Italy and the United States and to make the peninsula the champion of a new season between the two sides of the Atlantic (with Biden)

160 years after the start of diplomatic relations between Italy and the United States, the need for the economic restart imposed by Covid-19 provides an opportunity to re-launch transatlantic relations, including new and digital technologies. It is the framework presented by the Minister Lorenzo Guerrini And by the Italian ambassador in Washington Armando Varicio, Heroes of the webinar organized jointly by AmCham Italy with Comin & Partners to present the results of a survey conducted with some of the CEOs of the most important associated companies to set priorities on the Transatlantic Hub. After introductory greetings before Robert NeedhamThe Consul General of the United States in Milan, H. Luca Arnoldi, President of the American Chamber of Commerce, AMCham Italia, Simon Krolla e Gianluca Comin The research presented “transatlantic scenarios”. Then the round table, with Leopoldo Atolico, Country Officer De City, Paulo Fiorelli, MBE Worldwide address, Fabio GiambelliDow Country General Manager, Angela Natalie, President of Boeing Italy, H. Maurizio Tagleti, MetLife General Manager.

the opportunity

Linking a file between the various interventions: There is an appropriate opportunity to re-launch transatlantic relations. It is provided by the license plate management Joe Biden, But also due to the shared need for the economic restart imposed by Covid-19. On this, there are many convergences between the priorities set by the US administration and those set out in the PNRR of the government led by Mario Draghi, Ambassador Varicio explained, in his recent remarks from Washington in light of the transfer to Berlin (in the USA). The ambassador will arrive Mariangela Zabia). Digitization and the green transition are the common path that the United States and Italy have outlined to overcome the pandemic, and the transatlantic relationship can be relaunched on this basis.

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Converging plans

The photograph Varricchio chose is a 1947 flight Alcide de Gasperi. Today, as at that time, the ambassador explained that “Italy is looking to the United States,” realizing that “the world of economics plays an essential role,” in a “benign relationship between institutions and companies”. Contrary to the Marshall Plan, “this time Europe is not only a benefactor, but it is starting with a wonderful plan that looks to the future.” If the “US administration is looking to rebuild the US economy” with the aim of increasing “up to 6% of GDP,” then “our goal, as Europeans and Italians, is to ensure that the program is shaped while keeping the markets open and avoiding protectionist temptations.”

The value of the relationship between Italy and the United States

On this convergence of European and American projects, Italy can play a pioneering role, given the “privileged relationship with the United States” described by Minister Guerrini. For this reason, it is “imperative to keep the transatlantic relationship at the center of discussion in civil society,” and to avoid “the risk of taking it for granted.” Guerney also said, “Because the attempts of other international bodies to declare it are outdated.” On the one hand, this demonstrates that the post-Covid-19 world is more complex than the previous, more competitive context, and full of entirely new challenges.

Defense dimensions

In this sense, “the dialogue between the United States and Europe cannot ignore the defense and security dimension”, to be expanded to include new technologies, both cyber and digital. Thus, “Until today, we can emphasize the importance and objectivity of NATO as a framework for our collective security and defense, and what is required for a difficult task – as Guerrini said – is to evolve to face new challenges while staying in the same temple, defending the values ​​that we have been defending for seventy-two years.” The minister noted that if “competitors want to undermine our technological advantage and competitiveness,” then “solid commercial relations and entrepreneurship become essential to the resilience of our countries.” In this regard, we look forward to “future opportunities for cooperation”.

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The margins of the stiffeners

There are margins, as evidenced by research figures by AmCham Italy and Comin & Partners, which were conducted by addressing eight questions to 56 multinational companies (36 American companies and 20 Italian companies). In 2020, the year of Covid, Italian exports to the United States decreased by 13.5%, well below other economic indicators, indicating a “flexible” relationship. The trade balance remains positive for Italy, which sells goods and services to the United States for $ 49.5 billion and buys $ 19.9 billion. The numbers are destined to grow. 55% of respondents positively rate the state of transatlantic relations with a “high degree” of confidence in the Biden administration. The main topics for enhancing cooperation are: trade, the digital economy, innovation and sustainability. Areas that need more coordination between the United States and the European Union are: health emergencies, economic recovery, defense and security. As for the bilateral relationship with the United States, one of the issues that our country should focus on is cooperation in the field of technology.

Company entrances

In this regard, he said, “2021 offers a more business-friendly scenario.” Atolico From Citi, noting that “it is an illusion to believe that improving economic flows is possible without better alignment from a political point of view and reference values.” Hence he added Fiorelli (MBE Worldwide), it is reassuring to “sense that Italy is pro-European and Atlanticist.” He pointed out that this is the case in light of the 160 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries birthday (Boeing Italy), indicating that the bilateral relations have been particularly fruitful in the aerospace sector and that they may remain so in the future, between new technologies and the environmental transition that includes aviation. There is still the anxiety he described Taglete (MetLige), on the forecast of “Italian low growth”, accompanied, however, by “reassurance” on the value of the transatlantic relationship. a second Giambelli (Dow), there is a “historic opportunity” provided by the post-pandemic recovery plans. He concluded that the pillars on which we must start anew are “security, interests and values.”

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