Netflix is ​​considering a new premium service that works behind the scenes and podcasts

Vincenzo Ronca

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular and popular streaming media platforms in the world, and it gets you thinking Expanded Its range of services. Details of the new service called N-Plus.

This name was leaked from vote Netflix suggested to some of its subscribers. The survey consists of simple questions, all centered around N-Plus: from the description provided of the N-Plus, it appears that Outstanding service To suggest content Exclusive To subscribers, such as behind the scenes e PodcastMaybe related to content that is already on Netflix.

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According to the leaked details from the survey, it appears the N-Plus may also suggest a possibility Create music playlists With songs related TV series And there Titles Available on Netflix.

You will understand that Netflix is ​​currently Simply probing the area To understand the commercial viability of N-Plus, it is very soon To talk about launch times and hypothetical prices. We will come back to inform you with more details in the future.

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