Netflix horror trailer is online

This is a tribute to the tradition of Italian horror A classic horror story, A movie directed by Roberto De Vieux and Paolo Striboli. The two directors also signed the script with Lucio PisanaAnd the Milo Tessoni e David Bellini.

Summary: Five children, in a cart, collided with a tree to avoid an animal carcass. They will find themselves in the middle of nowhere, the road has disappeared and there is only an old wooden house.

The reference to horror classics, not just ours, is already evident from the summary and Strippoli confirms it:

Roberto and I wanted to work together, so we drafted the first script. Netflix took interest in the project, appreciated the topic and gave us the green light. The film was born with them and they followed us through the various stages of production.

To make the film, we collected the narrative elements of the great classics of that era, both on a narrative level and from a color point of view.

In the actors we find Matilda Lutz, Francesco Russo, Pepino Mazota, Julia Sable, Will Merrick, Alida Baldari Calabria and Christina Donadio.

A classic horror storyThe, produced by Colorado Film, will debut on Netflix at July 14.

A classic horror story

Italy / 2021 / Horror / 95 minutes

Directed by Roberto De Vieux and Paolo Striboli

With Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Francesco Russo, Pepino Mazota, Will Merrick, Julia Sobol, Alida Baldari Calabria, Cristina Donadio, Francesca Cavalin, Justin Alexander Korovkin

Written by Roberto De Vieux, Lucio Pisana, Paolo Striboli, David Bellini and Milo Tessoni

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