Trailer for the new Netflix science fiction series

Hannah Ware will star in the Netflix science fiction series The One, which will air premiering on March 12th.

Hannah Weir You play Rebecca, an ambitious and impulsive CEO and founder of MatchDNA, a tech company that designed a DNA test that allows people to identify their perfect match. Most recently he starred in Hulu Beau Willamon The First, while other credits include ABC’s Betrayal and Starz’s Boss.

the one It was first announced by Netflix In 2018, it is adapted from a novel by the author John Mars. The series was created and written by author of Misfits, Howard Offerman, Which produces her company, Urban Myth Films, in collaboration with Studio Canal.

The cast includes the actor Dmitry Leonidas, Who plays Rebecca’s best friend and co-founder of MatchDNA, and star Amir El-Masry will play Rebecca’s friend, who has the deepest feelings towards the CEO of technology.

Stephen Campbell Moore, Wilf Skolding, Diarmid Mortag, Luis Shimba, Eric Coffey Abriva, Pallavi Sharda, Zoe Taber, Albano Geronimo and Greg Chillin were cast in the eight-part drama, which captures the successful AMC Soulmates anthology series.

The One was produced by Johnny Caps and Julian Murphy for Urban Myth. The company is currently making the second season of the Fox / Canal + series Worlds war, Which was the UK’s first high-end TV series to start production in an era of pandemic. It was also recently approved by Sky for the thrilling Extinction movie.

Friday, February 26, 2021 – 14:28

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