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Australian rules football is one of the most popular sports in Australia. Legend has it that an Australian cricketer invented the sport: “In the 1850s, Thomas Wells was said to have looked for a way to keep his teammates in fitness in the winter,” says the Australian. ABCSports journalist James Coventry.

Because cricket is only played in the summer months. In addition, the wills are said to have had contact with Marne Grok (translator: ball game) of the indigenous people, whose cultures are up to 60,000 years old. In the game, the Australian Aborigines use an oval ball made of opossum leather, and kick it. None of these tactics have been proven beyond Australian football.

Football attracts fewer fans in Australia

However, one thing is certain: Australian football, also known as Australian football, has a long tradition dating back a long time. Several AFL clubs (Australian Football LeagueOlder than European football clubs such as Manchester United or Bayern Munich. And while 100,000 spectators cheered in the stands of MCG Stadium in Melbourne at the AFL Finals, the favorite German sport, football, at the bottom, with around 10,000 spectators in the stands, garnered far fewer fans under its influence.

Not surprisingly, the sport is relatively recent in Australia. Australian football’s premier division – the National Football League (NSL) – was only founded in 1977. Due to financial difficulties, he had to give way and the so-called First League (First Football League) has been in existence since 2005.

Football of course is not as big in Australia as it is in Germany, but the sport is definitely on the rise.

Alexander Bumjohan, football player

Alexander Bumjohan, football playerPhoto: Private

German footballers are also attracted to “Down Under”.

However, German kickers also go to Australia. One of them is that Former Hertha FC player Alexander Bumjohan. The 34-year-old moved to the A-League in 2018 and is currently under contract with Sydney FC. With this, Bumjohan won his first title in 2020.

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Players who have long played at the top level are very important to the Australian Football League.

Alexander Bumjohan

Alexander BumjohanPhoto: Private

This episode of Australian Adventure is about sport.– Moderator Sabrina Frangos speaks to the Australian sports journalist James Coventry About the role sport plays in Australian culture. Rawan And his wife Vicky Tell them how important Australian rules football is to their lives. A former German professional in the German Bundesliga Alexander Bumjohan It talks about the highest Australian football league, fans and training at 40 degrees Celsius.

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