Netflix announces the title and reveals the first teaser trailer for the new Korean version

The new series, which will be shown soon, is directed by Kim Hong-sun and also stars Squid Game actor Park Hae-soo as the main characters.

House of Cards: Korea. This will be the very simple Italian title for the new Korean version paper house, which is an interesting experiment because it combines one of the greatest successes Netflix – Spanish robbery drama created by Alex Pena – in a manner korean drama, which is a very popular species and is especially appreciated after the worldwide success of squid game. However, the English title of the new series is more interesting, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, which has a meaning that will be explained to us later (it can refer to a hypothetical joint economic zone on the border between South Korea and North Korea, and more difficultly it refers to the inter-Korean demilitarized zone which is instead prohibited). However, the Netflix announcement came with one private humor Which sparked the curiosity of fans and revealed more details about this new version.

The plot of The Paper House: Korea

House of Cards: Korea, Directed by Kim Hong Sun, tells the story of a genius mind and his talented criminal as they attempt an ambitious robbery on the Korean peninsula. When the group takes some hostages with them, the narrative is enriched with unimaginable twists and challenges. In the humor that the professor plays Yu Ji Tae (big boy), Shown in front of a wall on which some masks are displayed, including traditional Korean masks and the famous face of Salvador Dali Used in the original Spanish series. Scene clipping takes place while the professor is about to snatch a mask hidden from the viewer. In fact, there will be major changes to the original story that will be adapted to the Korean culture and language.

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In addition to Seon Woojin, the detective in charge of negotiations he played Kim YonginThe teaser shows the eight characters and their aliases: Berlin (hye soo parkAnd squid game), Tokyo (Joon Jong SeoAnd burning), flies (Lee Won Jong), Denver (Kim Ji Hoon), Nairobi (Jang Yoon Joo), rio (Lee Hyun-woo), Helsinki (Kim Ji Hoon) and Oslo (Lee Kyu Ho). The release date of the series has not yet been revealed but the series is expected to arrive on Netflix in the coming months.

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