Netflix and PlayStation, a partnership on the way? The iOS app seems to suggest this

Netflix is ​​watching the gaming world with interest And he could soon become an active part of it, and go on to develop a series of titles inspired by his original productions. Waiting to find out more – at the moment there is absolute secrecy about the topic, despite the rumors that have emerged and the first confirmations -, Steve Moser by MacRumors e tape drive He posted on Twitter some interesting discoveries made about the iOS app (and not only) from the broadcast service. The first is about the logo N . game Which should relate to the gaming section of Netflix (codename Shark): there he is.

The second novelty has to do with the strange presence of images related to the PlayStation 5 within the app code for iOS. Among these stands out the DualSense – the PS5 controller – and its visualization Jin Sakai From Ghost of Tsushima. What is the link between the PlayStation brand and Netflix is ​​unknown, although it is good to remember تذكر There is actually a plot for the movie Ghost of TsushimaTherefore, it cannot be excluded that Netflix will be the platform on which it will be distributed.

Other speculation may relate to an agreement intended to improve the offering of services such as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, perhaps with some kind of integration that could increase the added value of these packages in order to respond to the ongoing offers that Microsoft offers through Game Pass, which often offers a free month on Disney+ to its subscribers.

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Given the inclusion of files in the latest version of the iOS app, it makes sense to expect an announcement soon: it might not be long before the mystery unraveled.

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