Nascar, Bubba Wallace Comes To Netflix: Documentary Series Coming Soon

Announcing the American platform and Team 23XI Racing: The African American Driver has been portrayed in a series of documentaries even if the release date is unknown. The executive producer will be Eric Parker

Bubba Wallace’s exploits will star in Nascar in a Netflix series of documentaries. Films that “will take viewers behind the scenes of the 2021 tournament – the well-known American company devoted to distributing films and TV series – writes through the eyes of a lone black driver of the highest level of discipline, as well as supportive topics such as inclusiveness and equality in racing.” The announcement was also captured on Twitter by Wallace’s team, 23XI Racing. Whereas the project’s executive producer will be Eric Parker – who actually produced the documentary in 2017 in Palmarès. LA Burning: Riots After 25 Years Even if the release date has not been announced. Wallace isn’t the first Netflix series with Nascar at the center, since its release in mid-February the crew (The Crew): The story of a leading team in American competition.

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