The new arts center offers a creative space in southeast San Diego

Photo credit: Kim Phillips-Pea / Kali is a Konnect Arts and Culture Center artist

Above: This undated photo shows the unveiling of a Briona Taylor mural at the Kali Artists Konnect Center for Arts and Culture on Chollas View.

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There are a few common art spaces in southeast San Diego. A resident tries to fix this by opening a new center on Chollas View.

Broadcast: April 22, 2021 | Translation

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When the pandemic began, artists had to put up with the fact that their ability to demonstrate their creative endeavors in public would soon fade away. With galleries and museums reopening, many in the art world are overjoyed.

However, there are still a number of neglected communities in San Diego that have a distinct lack of creative space. In one The story was first covered by the San Diego Union-TribuneA resident of southeastern San Diego tried to solve this problem by opening the Kali Artists Konnect Center for the Arts and Culture on Chollas View.

Kim Phillips-Pea, chair of the Southeast Art Team, teamed up with the owner of an abandoned one-story apartment building to turn the space into a creative haven for local artists.

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