Most popular 13-year-old Android software: 4 tricks for your phone

“One of the main reasons why most consumers choose Android phones is the wide variety. In addition to being able to drastically change the appearance of the home screen, this operating system allows you to adequately customize it to your needs. Everyone can find a device to their liking, and with a few lesser known tricks, it is possible to The easiest is to use the functions that are required on a daily basis”, says Andrius Archangelskis of Bitė Profas.

Use multiple tools at once

Did you know that you can use two apps at the same time on most Android phones? This function is especially useful when you are in a meeting and want to check your email at the same time. Mail. Or talk to a friend via WhatsApp, check the news on Facebook.

To try this feature on Android 9 and above, open one of the apps you want. Then click the Recent button or swipe up across the screen to open a list of recently used tools. It’s true that the latter method will work if you’re on Android 10 or later and have gesture control enabled on the phone, says Bitė smart hardware expert.

Next, select the tool you want to use with the first tool from the list of recently used tools. Tap on it and “Split Screen”. Then go to the main phone screen where you will see and use the two apps.

History of deleted messages

You may have found yourself in a situation where, after deleting received program messages in the context menu, you suddenly realized that something important was there. For example, a Reddit forum recommendation or a personal promotional message for the items you’ve been waiting for. Fortunately, Android allows you to view all the messages you’ve received in the last 24 hours.

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This feature is usually available on phones with Android 11 and above. To activate it, go to Settings and select “Tools & Notifications”, tap on “Notifications” and activate the “Notification History” option. Then go back to the main phone

menu and follow the above steps again. This time, by selecting Message History, you will find all messages received in the last 24 hours,” says Bitė Profas.

On Samsung phones, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap “Message settings”, then “Advanced settings” and activate the Message History feature.

different sound levels

You can adjust the volume of ringtones, voice messages, alarms and gadget messages separately to make the ringtone louder than the devices messages.

AFP Amulet / Scanpix Photo / Android Nougat

“To change the sound settings, tap the volume button on the side of your mobile phone. When the volume bar opens, tap the advanced settings icon and drag the slider to adjust the volume of calls, app notifications, alarms, and voice chats,” says Bee Profas.

When you adjust the volume using the slider, you can set, for example, the message sounds to be 10.5 instead of 10. And when you change the volume with the side button on the phone, the volume changes only every 1, not half a unit. So the ability to set different sound settings for applications is especially useful because, for example, when listening to music through high-quality headphones, 0.5 changes the volume significantly.

Font and bigger pictures on the screen

If you have difficulty viewing images or text on the smart screen, you can enlarge the image on the screen several times.

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First go to your phone settings and select “Accessibility” and “Increase Visibility” and activate the “Zoom in” option. Immediately after that, you can enlarge the image on the screen by tapping anywhere on the screen three times. To reduce the image to the usual size, repeat the procedure ‘, says A. Archangelskis.

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