Moscow does not believe in washing! Possible change in US nuclear policy!

At the moment, we have no information to suggest that we have moved in that direction. It’s just the opposite – said Ryabkov.

He noted that Moscow “has seen reports of a dialogue between allies.” sadEspecially in Europe and Washington, where, according to reports, European NATO countries insisted on the steadfastness of existing standards for the US nuclear shield.

We believe it is considered stable and that there are no changes in doctrine – added the diplomat.

At the same time, he indicated that “at the moment he is in contact with us and under the current management and of course under the management of (Donald) TrapThere was not the slightest hint that such a movement was possible.”

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Brutal message from Moscow! We do not advise American ships to follow the British destroyer, every action will be “suppressed at the root”!

Brutal message from Moscow!  We do not advise American ships to follow the British destroyer, any action will be suppressed!

All the signals that we have heard and gathered, among other things, by examining the situation and analyzing what we have to work on, instead indicate the opposite – that the Americans are lowering the threshold for using their nuclear weapons, creating increasing uncertainty about the conditions under which they can Consider this option (application option). We expressed our concern that such an approach in itself would destabilize the situation and weaken strategic stability. But in the scheme of “great-power competition”, which was introduced under Trump and to which he is still committed, nuclear weapons are acquiring an increasing importance and an increasing role. This is worrying. If the wind now begins, as they say, to change direction, the situation will look different The Deputy Minister confirmed.

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Рябков He added that Russia expects to hear from Washington about its updated nuclear doctrine at the next meeting with the United States on strategic stability.

They continue to work on the nuclear doctrine in its updated version. There are obviously some additional considerations that can be made for us in this regard when we meet again It is to explain.

Earlier, the Financial Times reported that American partners, including Great Britain, Germany, France and Japan, called on the United States to abandon the transition to a policy of prohibiting the first use of nuclear weapons.

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