More changes in the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Fernandez de Cossio rose through the ranks

More changes in the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Fernandez de Cossio rose through the ranks

The government announced on Saturday New changes in the Cuban Ministry of Foreign AffairsAnd Less than 20 days after the latest movements.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs It stated on its website that Appointment of deputy ministers for diplomats Carlos Fernandez de Cosio Dominguez s Elio Rodriguez Perdomo.

Appointments follow it from Gerardo Benalvier Portal has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister In December he replaced Marcelino Medina, who held the position for 12 years and was Send to the Embassy in Spain.

Fernandez de Cossio was until now Director General of the United States Department of State. He served as Deputy Director of the Department of Multilateral Affairs, Director of North America and Ambassador to Canada and South Africa. He was also the guarantor of negotiations in Havana between the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the government of former President Juan Manuel Santos.

Rodriguez Perdomo replaces Penalvier Portal as Deputy Minister. He was Director of Europe and Canada and Ambassador to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union. He recently concluded his mission as ambassador to France.

appointments Join Josefina Vidal’s squadOne of the negotiators of the so-called melting Between Havana and Washington during the administration of Barack Obama, who was also appointed deputy minister last October.

Vidal assumed her duties after completing her assignment as ambassador to Canada. In 2018, Miguel Díaz-Canel awarded her the rank of “Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba” for life, an honor bestowed upon her by the regime.

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