Mihambo in the final – the American season wins a world record

At the end of the swimming competitions, Australia and the United States put exclamation points. Florian Willbrook won a medal for Germany, Mallika Mihambo jumped to the long jump final and men’s hockey reached the semi-finals. The fragments from Sunday…

Sarah Sjostrom, Emma McKeown, Mallika Mihambo, Caleb Dressel (vs. Lee)
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+++ Olympic first half: DOSB expects to slip into the medal table +++

The German Olympic Sports Confederation expects a significant slippage in the medal table for the Summer Games in Tokyo. “There are indications that the top six will no longer be achievable,” said Chef de Meschen Dirk Schimlbwegne in his provisional finale in the first half of the Olympics. “We’re assuming we’ll go between eighth and twelfth.” Five years ago, Germany left the Rio Games as the fifth best country, and in 2012 from London it was the seventh best team. At the end of the Olympics, the number of gold medals will be crucial to the rank of the medal table.

+++ Schauffele wins US golf gold +++

The golf gold went to American Xander Schauffele. The 27-year-old from California of German descent played the 67th at Kasumigaseki Country Club and won a total of 266 strokes ahead of Rory Sabbatini (267). The 45-year-old Slovakian managed to achieve his dream round with 61 strokes on the final day at Stadium 71 in north Tokyo. There was still a jump for the bronze medal. After the four rounds, a total of seven players, 269 strokes each, were third. The two German players did not cross the midfield. After the last round of 67, Hurley Long finished 33rd with 277 strokes. Maximilian Kieffer needed three more strokes, who needed 71 strokes on his last lap and landed 45th.

+++ Euthanasia of Swiss horses after injury +++

Swiss horse Jet Set has been put to sleep after a cross-country ride in Tokyo. 14-year-old runner Robin Goodell ruptured a ligament in his right foot when landing in the last water group, the Swiss Olympic organization explained on Sunday. “Due to the severity of the injury and the associated pain, the horse was forced to sleep shortly thereafter,” a statement said. The knight was unhurt.

+++ Table Tennis: DTTB Women’s Quarter-finals Confidently +++

German women table tennis qualified for the quarter-finals with a safe victory over Australia. Triple national team coach J. Shop defeated outside Australia 3-0 and only lost two sets. The next opponent of the German national team, who won the silver medal in Rio in 2016, will be decided on Monday (3 a.m. CET) between South Korea and Poland. If Germany reaches the semi-finals, there is a risk of a clash with the overwhelming power of China. In 2016, the duel took place only in the final.

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+++ World Laser Champion Buhls just missed the sailing medal +++

Laser world champion Philip Pauls just missed an Olympic sailing medal. The 31-year-old was unable to capitalize on his already slim chance of winning a precious metal in the finals for the best single-handed boat sailor in the Olympic zone in Enoshima. In the top ten medal race, Buhls sailed to third, but remained fifth in the final standings. The competitors in front of him no longer make any big mistakes. Behind Australian Matt Wern, who took the Olympic win before the medal race, Croatian Toni Stepanovic took the silver, and the bronze went to Norwegian training partner Hermann Tomasgaard.

+++ Event team protests +++

The German juvenile team protested after a cross-country tour of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the German Equestrian Federation on Sunday. The reason, then, was to trigger a safety system when Michael Jung from Hurb rode with the Chipmunk. National team coach Hans Melzer said Young had “touched the hurdle as usual”. The operation of the security system resulted in eleven penalty points being punished. As a result, Jung slipped from first to 10th in the singles ahead of Monday’s (10 a.m.) final competition. The German national team dropped from second to sixth place.

+++ Gold for Gong – Gambetta proudly ranked eighth +++

German shot put champion Sarah Gambetta sold herself expensive in her first Olympic final, finishing eighth at her best. Chinese world champion Gong Lijiao won by 20.53 meters ahead of American Raven Saunders (19.79) and Valerie Adams of New Zealand (19.62). “An Olympic final. Best performance. Eighth place. I can’t think of anything better now,” Gambetta said. “I really doubted myself and asked myself if I should ever be one of them – as a multi-functional ex-woman, I might look a little narrower of all the tall women. But I’ve proven it to myself today, I have it to myself I prove in the qualification that I belong well here. And I’m proud of that.”

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+++ No medal for German fencer +++

German Andre Sanita in a duel with Jerick Meinhardt (right).

Man against man: German Andre Sanita in a duel with Jerick Meinhardt (right).
AFP via Getty Images

Fencing Germans finish second consecutive Olympics without a medal. The attacking men lost the quarterfinals in the final tag team competition against the American favorites with 36:45. As in the summer games held five years ago in Rio de Janeiro, the German Fencing Federation did not leave anything behind. Peter Joppich, Benjamin Kleibrink and Andre Sanita showed gritty performances in team competition after real-life singles in which none of the Germans made it to the Round of 16. After gaining dominion 45:31 in the round of 16 against Canada, the German trio with great self-confidence began the battle against the world number one. A challenging game with many driving changes is developed there in the beginning. Only in the final stage, the Americans withdrew with their dueling stars Jerick Meinhardt and Alexander Macialas and, as expected, prevailed.

+++ Krajewski works fine +++

The German national team was significantly behind in the medal competition at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. After mistakes by Ganderksi’s Sandra Ovarth with Viamant and Hurb’s Michael Jung with Chipmunk, the trio slipped from second to sixth on Sunday. On an individual level, Jung dropped to 10th place ahead of the final competition on Monday (10 a.m.). The second is Julia Kragowski of Warndorf with Amandy behind Britain’s Oliver Townend of the Balaghmore class.

+++ Lessmann takes sixth place in the Olympic parade +++

Lara Lessman placed sixth at the Olympic premiere at the BMX Freestyle. Berliner scored 79.60 on Sunday at Arik Urban Sports Park in Tokyo. The surprise first Olympic champion was Britain’s Charlotte Worthington with 97.50 points, and the silver went to top candidate Hannah Roberts of the United States with 96.10 points. Bronze went to Nikita Ducaroz of Switzerland (89.20).

+++ Wellbrock wins bronze +++

Two-time world champion Florian Willbrook won the first men’s medal for a German swimmer at the Olympic Games in more than two decades. The 23-year-old hit the 1500m freestyle in Tokyo on Sunday with Olympic 800m champion American Robert Fink winning third and taking the bronze.

+++ Mihambo at his best on time +++

Malaika Mihambo

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Can be satisfied: Malaika Mihambo.
Image Alliance / dpa

German gold hope Malika Mihambo jumped to the seven-meter mark in Tokyo and reached the Olympic final. The 2019 World Champion qualified for the medals at the Ember Olympics with a season-best of 6.98m at the third attempt. Only Serbian Ivana Spanovic (7.00) was the best on Sunday. For LV Königstein’s Maris Lozolo (6.54), that wasn’t enough for Tuesday’s final (03.50am/CEST).

+++ McKeon does that Dressel after +++

What Caeleb Dressel is for men, Emma McKeon is for women. The Australian won the 50m freestyle with confidence ahead of Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) and Pernell Bloom (Denmark), thus winning her third gold medal in these events. But that’s not all, because a little later, together with Kylie McKeon, Chelsea Hodges and Kate Campbell, they won their fourth gold in the individual class relay.

+++ Dressel becomes the king of swimming +++

Outstanding swimmer Caleb Dressel won his fourth gold medal. The 24-year-old reached the 50-meter freestyle final after 21.07 seconds, setting an Olympic record. The second was France’s Florent Manaudou, and bronze went to Bruno Fratus. Dressel has previously won gold in the double distance and 100-meter butterfly. In the butterfly race, he set a world record in 49.45 seconds. He also won the American 4 x 100 meter freestyle relay. He now has six Olympic gold medals in total. At the end of the pool competitions, the 24-year-old from Florida helped the mixed American take the rotation to gold in a world record time of 3:26.78 minutes. Five years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Olympic champion Michael Phelps won five gold medals when he left.

+++ Krause easily in the final obstacle +++

Obstacle runner Jessa Krause confidently reached the Olympic final at 3000 metres. The two-time World Cup champion and European champion qualified for second place in her preliminary run with a time of 9:19.62 minutes. Said the 28-year-old from the New Year’s Eve club, who only arrived from Switzerland the day before yesterday and has been living in the Olympic Village since yesterday. “The plan worked.” The other two German players, Elena Burkhard (Dornstetten) and Leah Mayer (Lungen) did not reach the final.

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