Who is Qin Gang, the new Chinese ambassador to Washington?

China’s decision to send Chen Gang to the United States puzzled many analysts. Chen, a fully qualified first-time ambassador with no experience in America, suddenly became Beijing’s most important foreign envoy. It will actually be the burden of directing the relations between the two largest economies in the world, separated from each other confrontation issues Such as trade, technology, human rights, Taiwan and the South China Sea.

the The Wall Street Journal He described him as a “calculated professional diplomat rather than a high-powered warrior.” As indicated by the site china soupDue to his professional distance from American business management, Chen was not considered a remote candidate in the race to succeed Koi. Instead, in a surprising move, at the end of last year, the figure likely to occupy the main diplomatic post in the United States, Zheng Zhiguang, was appointed ambassador to the United Kingdom, opening his way to Washington.

Some experts believe that Chen’s choice depends on the trust that Xi and senior Chinese leaders place in him. In any case, Mr. Chen is likely to report to Washington that Xi Jinping expects his country to start treating it as great power, On an equal footing. Convincing the United States – and not just indirectly – will be one of Chen Gang’s tasks.

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