Midnight Mass, Is The New Netflix Series Really Linked To Bly Manor? Mike Flanagan answers

Recently, IndyWire I published an article about the highly anticipated Midnight Mass By Netflix Signed By Mike Flanagan (The Hunting Of, Doctor Sleep) Where he assumed he had a relationship with A haunted play manor, The most recent production conceived by the author, but Flanagan himself intervened on Twitter to categorically deny it.

The director simply wrote:Let me help you … No, no contact whatsoever“ Direct and immediate, without the possibility of repetition.

According to the summary, in the midnight mass “An isolated community on the island is going through miraculous events – and chilling omens – after the arrival of a young man Charismatic and mysterious priest. All episodes of the series will be directed by Mike Flanagan, and the series features some interesting links to the director’s other works.

For example, in his movie Hush Protagonist – played before Kate Siegel – A writer working on a novel entitled her own Midnight Mass; Or, in Gerald’s game (based on the Stephen King novel of the same name), a copy of a book with the same title appears at some point.

Filming began at midnight in Mass in Vancouver, but the pandemic forced production to stop. Work resumed in August 2020 and was finally completed in December of the same year, not even a month earlier. So it will take some time to finish post-production and get an official trailer.

For more information, we leave you to review The Haunting of Bly Manor.

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